O'Brien, Mark

O'Brien, Mark

President at SpectraRep

Mark is a recognized and respected thought leader within both public television and public safety for his work bridging those two fields. For more than a decade, Mark has focused on fostering partnerships between broadcast television and public safety. His successes include multiple effective pilot projects with DHS, Johns Hopkins University and federal law enforcement agencies, as well as ongoing operational datacasting systems in Las Vegas, Houston, Washington DC and Tennessee.

Mark co-founded SpectraRep almost 20 years ago and continues to work extensively with television stations throughout the country. He is an advisor to Americas Public Television Stations and works closely with DHS, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, the National Guard, local law enforcement and other public safety organizations.

Mark is a co-author of the book “Building the FirstNet Public Safety Broadband Network” and a frequent industry speaker on public safety topics.

Mark has a BA degree in broadcasting and business from Temple University. He holds three patents, and created industry leading software tools including SpectraRep’s IncidentOne and BIA’s Media Access Pro software. 

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