Come and tell us about your business use-cases and discover how our customers have chosen the technologies that best fit their need and how easily Carrick-Flow combined them in their workflows. Their strategic choices included :
- Processing tools specifically adapted to their businesses.
- Storage solutions for specific issues
- One or several existing or upcoming MAMs

The Carrick-Flow orchestration tool allows companies to optimize and rationalize handling and storage of video files. It allows them to fully operate the company's existing infrastructures by using all types of paid or open-source products to transform, check and move video files.

Without modifying user workflows, Carrick-Flow can dynamically integrate and bring to your door any cloud resource and its infinite potential while controlling costs and uses.

For a comprehensive processing, specific features include virtual farms of heterogenous resources, peak activity detection and anticipation, fine task prioritization management and update and smooth support and error recovery modules.

A complementary specific module called Carrick-Stor allows companies to enhance their storage policies by using multiple storage as a unified cross-tier storage ecosystem. Policies can mix multi-site systems, on prem' and cloud storage and business-related rules.

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