IDenTV provides leading AI capabilities which create new value in Media via advanced computer vision content search and recognition. IDenTV’s AI-powered services produce next-generation actionable insights, real-time video search, & content management tools that allow you to monetize content like never before. Current industry product offerings require massive human intervention leading to inefficient, costly & error prone insights. Solutions that do not scale, cannot perform in real-time environments - leading to poor curation, analysis, actionability, interactability, search & enrichment. Leading to less engaged video consumption, ROI & monetization. IDenTV’s suite of AI solutions not only provide understanding, but enable the repurposing & utilization of contextual metadata within the video supply chain for users to increase their ROI. Using advanced video search (beyond title & simple tags) users can dynamically recall video to better connect with their customers. IDenTV’s AI suite creates agility in the marketplace, enabling our clients to out maneuver competitors & better engage customers with improved targeting, better, faster video distribution, all driven by AI powered automation & search. Machine Learning ML, Computer Vision, Object, Facial Demographic, Emotion, Brands Logo, Scene, Activity, Nudity & Illicit Content Image Recognition, CCTV & Drone, OCR, Automated Speech Recognition (ASR), Closed Captioning, Machine Translation, NLP, NLU, Alerts, Contextual targeting

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